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This post is sponsored by Basic Invite.

On a wedding day, without fail, some of my first words to a bride are: “Did you bring your invitation?”

And almost always, she has it ready for me to photograph along with her other important details. Having an invitation on-hand for this kind of curation is a pointer I always give ahead of time, simply because these pretty pieces of stationary are a perfect storytelling tool when it comes to communicating the who, what, where and when of a wedding.

Thus it’s no surprise I appreciate beautiful invitations! And I’m excited for the opportunity to partner with Basic Invite in showcasing what it offers and what sets it apart among online stationary companies. It’s currently giving 15 percent off with coupon code 15FF51, so this is a great time to shop!  

Photo courtesy of Basic Invite.One of the big selling points of Basic Invite is its custom samples. With all the expense that comes with a wedding, there’s really no room to redo an invitation order simply because the finished product didn’t meet expectations. And Basic Invite understands a computer screen can communicate only so much – which is why it offers customers the option of ordering a printed sample of their invitation before placing their final order. This allows for seeing and feeling the paper and print quality, and just generally making sure the card is perfect!

Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.One of the main aesthetic decisions that goes into a wedding is color choice, and more often than not, couples want their invitations to align with the visual aspects of their big day. Basic Invite is a big help in this by offering 180 color options – meaning that no matter what hues a bride chooses for her bridesmaid dresses or bouquet, she’ll more than likely be able to make her invitation match.

Basic Invite also offers instant previews online, as well as color customization of each element on a card. This level of personalization makes the company unique and offers fairly endless options for playing with your design until it’s uniquely yours!

Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.Speaking of color: Basic invite also offers more than 40 different envelope colors – making it possible to match an envelope to the card it contains. Envelopes also come with the perk of being peel-and-seal, so it’s quick and simple to close them securely.

To add to that simplicity, Basic Invite offers an address-capturing service that allows customers to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media requesting their friends’ and family members’ addresses. These are then stored in the customer’s account and can be selected during the design process. Best of all, Basic Invite provides recipient-address printing at no cost on all card orders.

Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.Beyond standard font colors, Basic Invite also offers foil cards available in gold, silver and rose gold. Customers can choose flat or raised foil on all of the site’s foil designs. These and other design options are numerous, as evidenced by a scroll through these wedding invitation templates.

Of course, words go only so far in describing a visual product, so keep scrolling this post for more invitation images! I’m especially partial to these fairly minimalist designs with nature details:

Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.Couples who want a truly minimalist aesthetic may appreciate more monotone invitations like these:

Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.And obviously, I’m always a fan of save-the-dates and wedding invitations that showcase engagement photos I took of the couple! Basic Invite offers a ton of design options for creating a wedding invitation with photo (or multiple photos!):

Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.Beyond weddings, Basic Invite also offers designs for a variety of other events, including bridal showers:

Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.

To learn more about Basic Invite, visit its website at or check it out on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.


I'm a print-journalist-turned-wedding-photographer who fully believes in the value of telling true stories beautifully. By means of a camera, I am a curator so my clients can be keepers of their most important moments.

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