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Over a year ago, we unceremoniously tweaked our business name without any public explanation – going from Wisdom-Watson Photography to Wisdom-Watson Weddings.

We were low-key about the change largely because it didn’t represent any huge change beyond itself. Weddings already accounted for a majority of our work, so the new name was simply a way to better reflect who we already were.

But now, with another wedding season finished, we think it’s worth finally saying a few words about why we’re Wisdom-Watson Weddings (and it’s only slightly due to our appreciation of alliteration, haha!).

We are Wisdom-Watson Weddings because we focus exclusively on weddings.

Although we’re happy to accommodate a few maternity or family or senior sessions each year – especially when they let us reconnect with past wedding clients – we don’t market for these or prioritize space for them in our calendar, and they thus account for only about 2 percent of our total workload.

We are Wisdom-Watson Weddings because we do more than photography.

Leaving “photography” in our name would give an incomplete picture of what we offer, as our aim is full-service storytelling for our clients. This includes curating a couple’s engagement period and wedding not only in still images but also though the written word, through album and website design and through video – or through whatever combination of these they choose.

We are Wisdom-Watson Weddings because we believe specialization matters.

Shooting a wedding is decidedly different than doing a portrait session, and while there is some overlap in the necessary skills and gear, we can say from experience that the best way to become a better wedding professional is to work a lot of weddings and to invest in equipment appropriate for them. We are much more able to handle the circumstances unique to weddings – from timeline constraints to lighting challenges to the pressure of capturing moments that can’t be repeated – than we would be if we split our focus and resources among multiple kinds of jobs.

We are Wisdom-Watson Weddings because weddings are where we shine and serve the best. 

Because we’re driven by a desire for depth in storytelling, weddings and all they represent are a natural fit. And although focusing on one thing exclusively comes with some amount of repetition, the heart we have for telling couples’ stories at one of their most monumental moments makes every job exciting. It also pushes us toward continuous improvement as we hone our craft in order to be our best for our clients.

Of course …

The journey that’s led us to this vision for our business has been possible only because of the clients who have invested in us along the way. And as we wrap up another wonderful year of weddings with more on the horizon, we can’t say enough to express our gratitude for all of you who have allowed us to document your lives and, in return, have contributed so much to ours.

I'm a print-journalist-turned-wedding-photographer who fully believes in the value of telling true stories beautifully. By means of a camera, I am a curator so my clients can be keepers of their most important moments.

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© 2024 Wisdom-Watson Weddings LLC
all rights reserved