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In wedding photography, a good rule of thumb for detail shots is that if it cost more than $5, it should be captured. And at most weddings, pretty much all of the details meet that criteria – including invitations, which in my experience often don’t get the same curatorial treatment as other pieces of the day.

This makes sense, of course, given that unlike centerpieces or bouquets or wacky groomsmen socks, invitations usually don’t have a place in the wedding day itself. But I still encourage my brides to have a copy of their invitation available to be photographed, for several reasons:

Invitations are a significant investment.

Couples can easily spend hundreds of dollars on this wedding expense, and even for those who go with more economical options, an invitation still represents an investment not only monetarily but also in thought and time. For these reasons alone, it’s worth including your invitation in your collection of wedding photos.

Invitations are visual storytellers.

They literally spell out all the important details: the who, the what, the when, the where, the why. This means that, when paired with other images from the day in an album, slideshow, blog post or some other presentation, they’re uniquely qualified to communicate those essential parts of the wedding story in a very organic way.

Invitations combine well with other details.

They were designed with beauty in mind; if that weren’t the aim, it would be much simpler just to send a simple form letter – or even better, an e-mail – to everyone on your guest list! But because invitations are in fact intended to look nice, they make pretty additions to images showcasing bridal jewelry or other details.

So when it comes to putting the final touches on your wedding plans, don’t forget to have an invitation on-hand for your photographer! That way, even if most copies end up in guests’ recycling bins and your own weather over time, you can rest assured you’ll always have it beautifully preserved.

I'm a print-journalist-turned-wedding-photographer who fully believes in the value of telling true stories beautifully. By means of a camera, I am a curator so my clients can be keepers of their most important moments.

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