A new word for a new year: 2018

Jan 3

Last year was my first adopting a word. I chose “dream” (or it chose me), and it stuck with me as I tackled a new endeavor in my business.

Maybe even more so, the wallpaper on my laptop – stating “Dreams don’t work unless you do” – was an ever-present reminder of the gritty aspect of dreaming. It was an encouragement to press on when the fun, floating-on-clouds form of dreaming gave way to the feet-on-the-ground form that has to follow.

And at times when things were more challenging or progress was slower than I would have liked, those words were a reminder that struggle isn’t what makes dreams die. Struggle is simply a sign that something is happening – that those dreams created in my head were intersecting with reality and finding how to root themselves there.

I’ve had a word come to me this year, as well: “vision.” It’s a lot like “dream”; sometimes they’re even used interchangeably. But in my mind, there are some distinctions.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, New Year’s Eve 2013.

The emphasis on “vision” I’m adopting is one that encompasses clarity and correct decision-making. It’s about seeing the big picture as well as the small details, and acting in ways that bring about the greatest good. Maybe most importantly, it’s about knowing where my priorities lie and how to live accordingly.

To possibly put it more concretely: I want to have vision that enables me to see how to make the most of my life, professionally and personally. As a creative person and an introvert, it’s easy for me to live happily in my own head a lot of the time – and while there are definite advantages to this, it can also cause me to lose sight of important things. So instead of having laser focus solely on the task in front of me, I want vision to see everything that matters and to know how to divide my time and energy accordingly.

“Vision” is an especially powerful concept for me this year in that I had LASIK surgery yesterday to correct my literal vision – so I’ve received an awesome physical example of what it is to go from imperfect vision to perfect vision. I really didn’t set out to choose a word connected to this experience, but once “vision” came to me in the pre-dawn hours the day of my surgery, it resonated especially strongly.

I also didn’t set out to choose a word so similar in some ways to last year’s. But as I’ve thought it over, I’ve seen how well they complement each other and how necessary vision is for making dreams a reality – as well as for keeping appropriate boundaries for the fire that fuels dreams. Because although fire can be a wonderful, powerful tool, it’s dangerous and destructive when it oversteps its bounds.

So in 2018, may I see clearly. And may this year bring many beautiful things to see!

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© 2019 Wisdom-Watson Weddings LLC
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